Leadership Skills and Teaching Expertise

Professional development opportunities in leadership skills and teaching expertise in the form of workshops, conferences and seminars for:

  • Governors and trustees (e.g. board effectiveness, governance and system leadership)
  • Head teachers (e.g. leadership dynamics)
  • Senior Leadership Teams (SLTs)
  • Teachers and trainees (e.g. classroom management, child development & behaviour, managing work-life balance)
  • Subject coordinators (e.g. on changing curriculum requirements)

Teacher Development Programmes

Rigorous development programmes to support teachers to achieve Qualified Teacher Status through the PGCE route; the School-Direct route and the Assessment-only route by:

  • Mentoring trainees through the training process
  • Supporting trainees in all the training programmes in the development of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate the coverage of all the Teachers’ Standards
  • Carrying out assessment at the end of the training, on behalf of Training Providers

Support for NQT’s

Provide support for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) by:

  • Preparing NQTs for their first jobs
  • Supporting NQTs in writing good CVs
  • Preparing NQTs for their interview lessons
  • Helping NQTs to prepare for their face-to-face interviews
  • Providing mentoring for NQTs in their Induction Year
  • Holding work-shops for groups of NQTs enabling them to explore their experience of the Induction Year and share ideas with each other
  • Helping NQTs to further develop their expertise both in the classroom and in the school as a whole

Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation on educational issues in schools, across communities, age groups, genders, ethnic minorities, faith schools, special educational needs and disabilities, etc., by:

  • Identifying research questions and methods which produce the best results
  • Identifying sticky educational areas where better data is needed before attempting to solve the problem
  • Attracting funding for research projects
  • Attracting and training teachers in research methods and encouraging them to undertake research projects
  • Training school staff in reading results of research and embarking on implementation, monitoring and reviewing the implementation

Educational Consultancy

Consultancy on the dynamics of the boardroom, staff room, classroom, playground and the school-as-a-whole. Providing a flexible approach to consulting with schools by:

  • Working consultatively with groups of governors, senior managers and teachers on school cultural issues, and the issues they grapple with on a daily basis, in order to develop and implement new emerging ideas, insights and practices in their spheres of responsibility
  • Consulting to untangle difficult inter-personal relationship problems, inter-departmental and other conflict areas in the school

Executive Coaching

One-to-one Executive Coaching for Chairs of Governors, heads and deputies on taking up their roles in the educational system effectively and efficiently by:

  • Offering one-to-one executive coaching sessions to develop insight and role clarity – coaching may be one-off sessions, a limited number of sessions or a more regular form of contact

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